Scrap, preparation Bernadette test 25 x 15

Katia Creta (needles 5 mm - 5,5 mm)
Knitting needles 7 mm

25 stitches x knitting 15
20 cm x 10 cm

So, for the back I need 55 cm.
Casting on 55 / 20 = 2,75 x 25 = 68,75 stitches…? Hmmmm

I'll cast on 68 stitches…
Maybe make a sweater out of it…

I'll cast on 2 x 66 stitches: 132 stitches…
Round Knitting
I'll knit the board 5 needles 1/1

Then knit Tricot like the pattern for 46 cm…

Be back when I reach 46 cm Winking

NL Pattern

EN Pattern



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Scheepjes Whirl

Started a long time ago at Cotton Key West Circle Top, but now it's time to finish.
1 Sphere (lletje) Whirl, color Fruity O Tutty. I think a second one can hook out, half a km of Whirl for this shirt is enough  Winking
I am such a 'jerk' who always does everything with a different size of needle than indicated, I hook so much looser. I just had to find out with which needle I had done it and discover that this is an 'exciting' piece. Clear crochet several times with a different size needle
🤣 Nahja, this shirt is for me! So who cares ...
Do you want to make this for the upcoming summer, here you will find the pattern:
And the Whirl can be found in our webshop from today.



Sophie's Universe Pillow

kussen sophies garden patroon


Sophie's Kruk. Sophie's Stool.

Sophie's Toolkit
We still have 2 in the shop and 1 that I had reserved for myself.
And now I'm going to start!

(In Esther's Memory)

If you don't have the full pattern yet: